Flower Farm is an Italian company that markets hemp products with high CBD content.
The goal is to promote CBD and its multiple uses. Numerous studies are bringing to light special features and benefits until a few years ago, completely unknown. Quickly reversing the concept around this plant with a thousand qualities.


Where are the FLOWER FARM stores?

Milano – Via Urbano III, 4

Napoli – Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 37

Baiona Potevedra – calle Alférez Barreiro 23

Madrid – Calle de Pelayo, 20

Madrid – Calle Espitiru Santo, 20

Ibiza – Calle Obisco Carrasco, 12

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias – Calle Sagasta, 5

Las Palmas de Gran Canarias – Calle Ripoche, 26

How can I receive information to open a FLOWER FARM store?

Send an email to[email protected]


What products are sold by FLOWER FARM?

To see our products with their descriptions and information click on the linkshop

Where do the FLOWER FARM products come from?

The Flower Farm products derive from ItalianIndoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse, GlassHose e Hydroponica cultivations  with
certifications that show the whole supply chain, from the origin to the culture methods, from the lack of chemical additives to hand harvesting.

How are FOWER FARM products intended?

Our products are to be understood as technical products, collectibles, ornamental products, perfumes for the environment or as products for research on hemp. They are not medicinal, food, combustion, or ingestion or intake products.

What do the FLOWER FARM products contain?

The FLOWER FARM products contain a % of THC always lower than the limits imposed by the
Italian law and the CBD, both vary according to the products.

How much do FLOWER FARM products cost?

You can find all prices of FLOWER FARM products by clicking the link shop


Where can I find FLOWER FARM products?

You can buy our products in our  online shop  ,in our store that you can find online in the Store
section or in authorized dealers.

If you have a store and want to become a reseller of our products contact us at: [email protected]

If you want to open a FLOWER FARM store contact us at[email protected]

I would like to work as an agent for FLOWER FARM, how can I do?

Send your application to: [email protected]


How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card.

How are shipments made and how much do they cost?

Shipments are made by BRT courier and cost 7,50€ (Italy) and 15€ (rest of Europe). The shipment usually takes place the day following the order, from Monday to Friday, and the package is then assigned to the shipper.

In Italy, orders over 50€ will have free shipping.
In the rest of Europe, orders over 100€ will have free shipping.

Does the package guarantee anonymity?

We ship in standard envelopes or parcels that only show your address and company name on the package, so as to guarantee anonymity.

What if I have problems with my delivery?

Write to [email protected]


Does FLOWER FARM sell legal products?

Flower Farm distributes products in respect with the law on cannabis dated 2 December 2016 n.242 circular of the Ministry of Health 22 May 2009 and Reg CE n112.

Does Flower Farm sell its products to minors?

Although there is no law that prevents the sale to minors is our choice not to make the product available to them. By acquiring it you declare to be of age.