(1GR) CBD < 30%

Cultivation : indoor hydroponic
Massive and compact flowers, with a strong and complex aroma.
Velvety taste, with a mouth-fillling and long-lasting flavour, free from any bitterness.
The new hydroponic Gelato is the result of years of research, it’s something different, for those who love all varieties of CBD, satisfying the most exigent purist.
Finnaly, something truly different!
Low THC, very high CBD


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It is to be understood as a technical collection product, ornamental or perfume for the environment. It is not a medicinal product, food, combustion and ingestion or intake, keep out of children. Sale to minors under 18 years is forbidden. By purchasing this product you claim to be over 18 years old. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Produced in compliance with the cannabis law of 2 December 2016 n.242 circular of the Ministry of Health 22 May 2009 and reg. ce n 112. THC WITHIN THE LIMITS OF LAW