Flower Farm is an Italian company that markets products made from hemp with a high CBD content.
Our aim is to promote CBD and its many uses. Numerous studies are bringing to light peculiarities and benefits that until just a few years ago were absolutely unknown, rapidly overturning the misconception associated with this plant of a thousand properties.

What products does FLOWER FARM sell?

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Where do FLOWER FARM products come from?

Flower Farm products are made from plants grown indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses or glasshouses and hydroponically in Italy, with certification for the entire supply chain, from origin to cultivation methods, the lack of chemical additives and hand-harvesting.

How should FLOWER FARM products be intended?

Our products are intended as technical collector’s items, ornaments or ambient fragrances. They are not medicinal or food products, nor are they suitable for combustion, ingestion or consumption.

What do FLOWER FARM products contain?

FLOWER FARM products contain THC, in a percentage that is always lower than the legal Italian limit, and CBD, in varying quantities depending on the product.

How much do FLOWER FARM products cost?

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Where can I find FLOWER FARM products?

You can buy our products in our online shop, in our single-brand sales points that you can find online in the Store section or from authorised retailers.
If you have a shop and want to seel our products, contact us at customercare@byflowerfarm.com
If you want to open a FLOWER FARM shop, contact us at customercare@byflowerfarm.com

I’d like to work as a FLOWER FARM agent, what should I do?

Send your application to: customercare@byflowerfarm.com


How can I pay?

You can pay with a credit card.

How are products delivered and how much does it cost?

SOrders are sent via courier and delivery costs 7.50€ (Italy) and 25€ (rest of Europe). Orders are usually dispatched (handed over to the courier) the following business day i.e. from Monday to Friday.
In Italy, orders over 50€ qualify for free delivery.
In the rest of Europe, orders over 100€ qualify for free delivery.

Are your products delivered in anonymous parcels?

We use standard envelopes or parcels that have only your address and our company name on the outside, thus guaranteeing anonymity.

What do I do if I have problems with my delivery?

Write to customercare@byflowerfarm.com


Does FLOWER FARM sell legal products?

Flower Farm distributes products in compliance with Italian cannabis law 242 of 2 December 2016, Ministry of Health circular dated 22 May 2009 and EC regulation no. 112.

Does Flower Farm sell its products to people under the age of 18?

Despite no law prohibiting sale of our products to minors,, we have chosen not to. By purchasing our products you declare you are 18 or over.